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My extensions

All extensions can be found in my GitHub repo
Get the direct link by clicking next to the extension.

Wolfram|Alpha extension

v3 released

I will try to integrate all Wolfram|Alpha APIs.

Weather Underground extension

v2 released deprecated

Has still problems with XML.

I18n extension

v6 released

Works great, except it needs some milliseconds to read the file. Since v3 there is no need to initialize the file.

DistanceTools extension

v3 released

Currently supported are pythagorean theorem, haversine and vincenty formula.

MathTools extension

v3 released

Has some constants, number mapping, conversion methods and some characteristics e.g. if the number is odd or even.

AnyAPI extension

v2 released

A copy of the Web component with the URL split in many parts

FileAlt extension

v3 released

An extension which provides additional features to the File component


v1 released

An extension which provides additional features to the TinyDB component. (At the moment only backup)

ToneGenerator extension

v1 released

An extension which allows you to output tones through your phone

Yahoo Weather extension


Polldaddy extension


Snackbar extension


Hotword extension


Markdown extension


GitHub extension